1. How about Using a Spiritual GPS to Navigate your Life?

Nothing helps our ability to navigate through the world like the Global Positioning System. Cars, Phones, Watches, Starlink…all have GPS systems built in that can help you navigate anywhere you want to go.

Connection Gateways also offers a GPS system – but for your mind and spirit.
Like any map, this navigation system helps you see the bigger picture of your life using the four directions you already know: North, South, East and West. The Connection Gateways map has four “inner directions” that you can see in the image above.

We have learned that all of our personal qualities can be divided into four genetic “streams” of energy. And every state of mind can be reduced down to just these four basic streams. Our genetic inheritance, as well as our early childhood, have dictated which of these streams flow more easily and which tend to get blocked.

We find it useful to look at how children express themselves through these four streams of energy. Why? Because the traits we inherit from our parents, together with what we were taught growing up by our parents and community, really stick with us as we grow ourselves into adulthood. If we look at the four streams of energy in children, and in our own “inner children,” we can better understand ourselves and the people around us.
Let’s look at the four energy streams as the four sides of our Spiritual GPS map.

We will start with folks who have developed a lot of the energy we call Leadership Energy.  We put this Leadership Energy, in green, on the top of the frame.  As kids, these folks are always imagining some new game to play with their friends and leading those kids in that game. These kids will grow into adults that lead others in much more than games. Everyone has some of this energy, large or small.

Other kids have more Persistent Energy.  They are always pushing to make things more real.  They push to accomplish things, push up against their friends and enemies alike and push against their parents.  We’re going to put this energy on the bottom of the frame.  We color this Persistent Energy, red.

Other kids have more Connection Energy.  They just love to be together with anyone. They are less concerned with “what” they are doing so much as “who” they get to do things with. We’re going to put this energy in the East, and mark it with a gold color.

And finally the Carefulness Energy. Kids and adults with this energy don’t want anyone to get hurt, so they are on the lookout, so they can avoid that harm.  These folks try to make things safe. They are often very intelligent kids, like little professors. We’re going to put Carefulness Energy in the West, and color it blue.

Now we can paint with these colors, or sort out the colors in any situation, to see what’s really in play.

We call these four primary colors the “Big Four.”

Below is some more information about each energy to get you thinking about your relationship to your own Big Four. Which energy was prominent for you as a kid? How about now, as an adult? Do you recognize these energies in your children?


This kid questions almost everything, being wary of the world and warning others of potential dangers. This kid likes to study and learn everything, and can often see the big picture at an early age. This kid can be self reliant and independent, but can sometimes feel detached or separate from others. Some of these kids are easily scared by almost anything.


Intensely optimistic, this kid sees the world as full of opportunities. This kid is adventurous and free, letting the imagination take control and leading others in imaginative play. This kid is often supportive and caring for others but can also be naive and easily manipulated.
This kid might be too generous or too hopeful and then get betrayed.


This kid prefers a deep sense of belonging and connection. This kid often has an uncanny sense of how people are feeling. Often with a goal of just being together, this kid loves company and free flowing fun, but can have difficulty staying focused.  In wanting to stay connected, this kid can get lost and become dependent on others to make decisions.


This kid cares deeply about what is right, preferring to meet reality head on. This kid is often courageous and grounded in challenging situations. This kid tends to love action. With a strong sense of self, this kid is sometimes self-centered, and can be overly forceful and unsafe for others.

Please watch a 30-minute video we created about the Big Four:

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