1. How about Using a Spiritual GPS to Navigate your Life?

Nothing helps our ability to navigate through the world like the Global Positioning System. Cars, Phones, Watches, Starlink…all have GPS systems built in that can help you navigate anywhere you want to go.

Connection Gateways also offers a GPS system – but for your mind and spirit.
Like any map, this navigation system helps you see the bigger picture of your life using the four directions you already know: North, South, East and West. The Connection Gateways map has four “inner directions” that you can see in the image above.

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2. Your Connector Part and the Four Ways to Connect

Your Connector Part is the part of you which prefers a strong sense of belonging and relationship. This part of you loves “just being together.” It loves company. It loves free flowing fun with others. This part is happiest with nearly any activity that allows you to be a part of the group. Even if the connection is just between different parts of you, this part is happy. When the connection is with your spirituality or your Higher Power, this part is pleased and fulfilled.

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3. Your Persistent Part and the Three Ways to Persist

Your Persistent Part is the piece of you that is always pushing.

  • Pushing to achieve your goals in career or relationship
  • Pushing to raise your children right
  • Pushing against others who oppose you
  • Pushing to prove yourself as a real, capable person
  • Pushing against anything that seems to threaten you, your friends or your family

As a species, we have a very long history of needing to push for our survival against whatever threats confronted us in the moment. So we have evolved parts of ourselves that can snap our attention onto anything we may have ignored that could challenge our safety. And when we are frustrated by some threatening reality, we get angry. And then that anger calls up our Persistence Part to address the threat.

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4. Your Careful Part and the Three Ways to Take Care

Your Careful Part seeks to create more safety and better strategies that enable you to eventually take even greater risks in your life. Careful energy helps us create a sense of safety in our jobs and our life’s missions. It is an essential part of our relationships with partners, coworkers, kids, friends and most especially inside ourselves.

In Connection Gateways, we appreciate the magical quality of this Careful energy to create shifts in peoples’ understanding of themselves and the issues they are facing by standing back and seeing the big picture. Sometimes that is what cracks the code, showing us the perspective that enables us to escape a mental trap.

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5. Your Leader Part and the Three Ways to Lead

Leadership Energy is the part of us that leads the realm of our lives. It’s the part that can vision or dream about what we might want out of our lives. That can be a big dream like, “I want to be a President when I grow up.” Or it can be a smaller vision, like, “I want to try something new in my garden this year,” when I’m beginning to think about growing my garden.

It is our Leadership Energy that helps us step into authority and take charge of our own life. Leadership energy draws people into our vision and positive outlook. Have you ever felt really drawn to someone, and want to get on board with what they see for the future? Or maybe you’ve been drawn to a spirit, a spiritual leader of some sort or a political candidate? We are attracted to leadership.

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